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Entry Requirements:

Valid SARACCA Safe Handling License and Trade Test Certificate in Refrigeration Mechanic (Industrial / Commercial).


This course enables a successful candidate to re-register to comply with the legal requirements of the OHS Act. Pressure Equipment Regulation (Clause 17-18) July 2009 No. 85 of 1993.


This course, required by law enables persons to register as an Inspector Category C providing all other requirements have been met as per SARACCA.

Portfolio needs to be submitted within 90 days after successful completion of course at ACRA – or the candidate will have to redo the training.

Example of skills:

The candidate will understand the Safety and Legal aspects with regards to the Pressure Vessel Regulation and be able to conduct an inspection completing all the relevant reports , documentation and issuing of a COC.


Duration: 1 day – candidate to return assignments to ACRA once completed for Assessment and Moderation.  The candidate will then be contacted by the Assessor regarding the outcome.

Price Excludes:

SARACCA Reg. fee of R R2,530.00 incl. VAT, payable directly to SARACCA.

Remember to Bring:

The following must accompany the student to register with SARACCA:

    • 2 colour identity photos
    • A certified copy of Identity Document
    • Copies of relevant Certificates/Qualifications

* Gauteng (Johannesburg) Branch – Head Office:

Cost (2024)

R 7 300 incl. vat

Available Dates 2024:                   

  • 08 Mar 2024
  • 31 May 2024
  • 23 Aug 2024
  • 25 Oct 2024


* Kwa-Zulu Natal (Durban) Branch:

Cost (2024)

R 7 300 incl. vat

Available Dates 2024:

Dates Available on Request!

* Northern Cape (Kimberley) Branch:

Cost (2024)

R 7 300,00 incl. vat

Available Dates 2024:

Dates Available on Request!