Landline Problems - If you have difficulty with JHB landline please use cellphone number 082 936 4183

Johannesburg - Head Office

+27(0)11 609 - 1118 or +27(0)11 393 1642

Kwa-Zulu Natal - Branch

+27(0)31 202 - 3103

Kimberley - Branch

+27(0)53 833 - 1903

We offer training in all aspects of the air conditioning and refrigeration fields up to technician level. Our focus is on adult training, training of apprentices and learnerships, artisans and technicians.  Every student who attends a course is given an in depth theoretical knowledge as well as the practical skills required to achieve competency in the workplace.

We have a fully equipped training workshop and we also participate in industry related exhibitions and on a lighter note social events.