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The Quantity of Sensible Heat

Hi Stefan, yes what you say is correct. In the last issue we looked at temperature, heat, latent and sensible heat. Let us move on to the quantity of sensible heat When an amount of heat is transferred to or from a mass of substance, which results in a change in temperature, the heat added […]

Should One Use an Evacuating System?

Welcome to the Solutions page Many people ask for assistance in the understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of the indus-try. I will endeavour to enlighten. Jabo asks: Mr Grant, you say we should use a vac pump but many do not use, can you explain. Hi Jabo, it is extremely important that a refrigeration […]

Collaboration Uplifts Industry Through Training Programme

After two and a half years in the making, the first phase of this project has been successfully delivered. As part of the strategy to align local industry to the requirements of the Montreal Protocol and Kigali Amendment (the phasedown/out of HCFSc and HFCs), the department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) is the […]