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Contact Us Today! ACRA - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy ACRA - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy

•  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology One (Basic)

•  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Two (Intermediate)

•  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Three
   (Intermediate / Advanced)

•  Diploma in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Technology Four)

•  Electrical One (Basic)

•  Electrical Two (Intermediate)

•  Electrical Three (Advanced)

•  Installation, Maintenance & Repair of Split, Console & Window    Units

•  Basic Automotive Air Conditioning

•  Scaffolding (Including Usage, Erection & Inspection)

 BMS Control Systems

Refrigeration Pipework Installations

•  Polyethylene/Aluminium Composite Plastic Refrigerant Tubing

•  Drain Piping for HVAC&R

•  Steel Piping Installation (pertaining to HVAC&R industry)

•  Duct Work Installation

•  Duct Work Manufacturing

•  Pipe Grooving Course

•  Evaporative Cooling Installation/Commissioning

•  Evaporative Cooling Sizing/System Selection/Design Aspects

•  Pipework

•  Welding, Brazing & Cutting

•  Hydrocarbon Safety Course (Domestic, Light Commercial    Refrigeration)

•  Domestic Refrigeration

•  First Aid Level 1

•  First Aid Level 2 & 3

•  Fire Fighting

•  merSETA Apprenticeship - Refrigeration Mechanic (Industrial &    Commercial)

•  merSETA Learnership - National Certificate in Air Conditioning,    Refrigeration & Ventilation Level 2, 3 & 4

•  SAQCC/SARACCA Authorised Refrigeration Practitioner Course
   (Safe Handling)

•  SAQCC/SARACCA Authorised Refrigeration Practitioner

•  Trade Test Preparation – Refrigeration Mechanic

•  Trade Test Assessment – Refrigeration Mechanic

Courses / Skills Programs Available:

SARACCA Safe Handling

Entry Requirements:

All candidates must have basic literacy and numeracy (Technology 1 is advisable).

Module Codes:

SF1, SF2, SF5


Training and assessment to comply with the legal requirements of the OHS Act. Pressure Equipment Regulation (Clause 17-18) July 2009 No. 85 of 1993.


This course, required by law enables persons to register as an authorised person in the relevant categories with SARACCA.

Example of Skills:

 The candidate will understand the Safety and Legal aspects with regards to the Pressure Vessel Regulation.


2 days, Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 15:00.

Price Excludes:

SARACCA Reg. fee of R2,530.00  incl. VAT, payable directly to SARACCA.

On successful completion of the course the candidate has to apply for the License Card via SARACCA the below should accompany the application / emailed to SARACCA. Candidates who apply for the license card will also be registered on the website www.saqccgas.co.za

Registering at SARACCA:

The following must accompany the student to register with SARACCA:

* Johannesburg Branch (Head Office):

Dates 2020:


* KZN Branch (Umbilo):

Dates 2020:


* Kimberley Branch (Satelite):

Dates 2020:


SAQCC/SARACCA Authorised Refrigeration Practitioner

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